The Ryan Foundation operates as a non-operating foundation and as such our primary function is to award grants to qualified organizations in the community that perform a direct service in benefiting the underprivileged. We focus our awards on programs that we feel will maximize our contribution for the greatest good. As we have limited resources and in accordance with our founder’s vision we generally award grants to organizations operating and benefiting individuals in the Central Florida community with an emphasis on Seminole County.

We award grants to organizations that provide educational support for at risk kids, transitional family support including food, clothing, daycare and medical needs, elderly assistance, and various crisis aid. We also provide grants for professional therapists and program coordinators that support critically needed programs.

Organizations interested in applying to the Ryan Foundation must be 501(c) qualified, provide complete current tax returns and audited financial statements, a detailed explanation of their organization’s history, purpose and use of funds being requested and qualifications of individual managing the grant. We also request follow up records of the results of the particular program we support.

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“We will make a difference” quote of Sheelah Ryan, founder, and benefactor